About Us

Who We Are

Bisexualapp.org, as its name says, is a website that collects popular bisexual apps with a good reputation. Since the founded of it, we are working hard to gather reviews, suggestions, and other feedback. Recollection and integration are not easy, but we are doing our best.

To provide the best to users, we follow some rules.

  • Safety. Safety is essential for a meet-up website. People are not just chatting online, but they have to meet in reality. Then sometimes it will be dangerous without attention to it. So we do the censorship for users.
  • 24/7 Support. Problems always appear. This why every company or project provides support service to users. Without well-build customer service, no company will be successful.
  • Matching Chance. For a dating app, matching change is an integral part of its quality.
  • Users’ Reviews. It is always an excellent way to know if the product is right. Though some teams user fake reviews. We set up some basic rules to distinguish fake reviews and real user’s reviews. Then we are good to choose the best bisexual app in the users’ views.

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